Wet Cast Pavers vs. Dry Cast Pavers

While the aesthetics of your concrete paver are an important part when selecting what will be best for your project, knowing how the paver is made is just as important. Ensuring the paver is suitable for the job will help the overall longevity of the projects lifetime. There are two type of concrete pavers: Wet Cast Pavers and Dry Cast Pavers.

What is the difference between Wet Cast Pavers and Dry Cast Pavers? 

The Process: As the name suggests, the concrete used in manufacturing wet cast pavers is typically quite liquid. This concrete mix is poured into a mold shaped for the paver and then vibrated to release air bubbles from the mix.Wet Cast Paver Mold

The curing process for wet cast pavers is much longer than that of a dry-cast, making it more labor intensive to produce. Once this concrete is cured, the mold is removed and the pavers are palletized and ready for shipping.

Dry Cast Pavers - Techo Athena
Dry Cast Pavers – Techo Athena

Dry cast, as it sounds, is a concrete mix with very little water. These are the pavers we typically think of when picturing a paver block. Dry cast paver mixes are similarly placed in a mold, but are then compressed with very high pressure, complex machinery. The compressed molds are cured on racks before being palletized.  Because these pavers are air-cured they can be produced quickly and affordably.

Color & Finish: Wet cast pavers often feature more bold color tones, smoother and more intricate surfaces, and can better imitate natural stone. While dry cast have historically been more simple and basic in color and texture, modern manufacturing has made color blends and surface textures more desirable.

Wet Cast Paver - Techo Block Aberdeen
Wet Cast Paver – Techo Bloc Aberdeen
Dry Cast Pavers
Dry Cast Pavers – Techo Allegro


























Strength: Both wet cast and dry cast pavers are suitable for residential projects such as driveways, walkways, and patios. When considering a paver for a large-scale commercial project, dry cast is a more suitable choice. Dry cast pavers have a more optimal water to cement ratio making them incredibly strong and high strength, perfect for the load capacity of a road or highway.

Dry Cast Pavers Driveway
Dry Cast Pavers in Driveway – Techo Blu 80
Wet cast pavers
Wet Cast Pavers – Techo Inca


Protection & Maintenance: Once you decide which paver suits your project best, you want to protect it from the elements, especially during the winter months here in New England. Dry cast and wet cast pavers should both be sealed to prevent possible staining, chemical deterioration from any acids or salts, and color fading from use over time.  We offer a variety of sealers for pavers such. Alliance Low Gloss Sealer adds a mild sheen and is to be used only on dry cast pavers only. Our best seller, Prosoco’s Siloxane PD is a clear, no-gloss sealer that can be applied to wet or dry cast pavers.

To further protect your new investment, it is recommended to use an ice melt that is safe for hardscape and masonry. Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt is engineered to safely breakdown the ice without breaking down your pavers.

Summary: Wet cast pavers offer more variety in color and finish, and they also typically cost a bit more and are generally less durable. Dry cast pavers are typically very standard in color but have high strength and are more economical, ultimately making them the more popular option. Here at TLC Supply we offer a multitude of both dry cast and wet cast items from leading paver manufacturer’s Techo Bloc, Genest, and Belgard.


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Ice Melt Safe For Pavers & Stone|Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt

Mr.Magic Premium Ice Melt

Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt

 Our #1 Recommendation for Protecting your Hardscape and Masonry During the Winter Season.

Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt, Mr. Magic

Your hardscape project is a big investment so it is important to protect it all year round. Failure to do so during the winter season can result in some serious problems. For example,

  • Water can freeze leaving an ice cover on the patio for anyone to slip and fall on.
  •  Freeze and thaw cycles can crack pavers and stone. As the ice and snow melts it becomes salt water that seeps down through tiny crevices in the stones surface and freezes. When the water freezes it expands and forces the crevice to become larger leading to cracks and spalling.
  • Using the wrong blend of ice melt can contain harmful chemical compounds that can deteriorate stone and concrete surfaces.

Our #1 recommendation to preserve the beauty of your pavers and other hardscape/masonry projects is Mr.Magic Premium Ice Melt.

Mr. Magic outperforms other ice melts because it works fast and has a great residual effect, preventing further ice from forming and melting snow as it falls.

Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt, Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt

Mr. Magic is safe enough for the environment, concrete, brick, natural stone, decking, and pets, but it is effective enough to keep working at temperatures down to -25° Fahrenheit, when other ice melts stop.

How is that so?  Mr. Magic’s  unique formulation consists of a special blend of five biodegradable ingredients; potassium chloride (a fertilizer), calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride. And it is coated with calcium magnesium acetate. This makes it safer and more effective than conventional rock salts.

The orange coloring of Mr. Magic is an added safety bonus because it allows you to see exactly where its been placed so you don’t over or under apply! And it won’t track into your home.

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Protect Pavers During Winter

Protect Pavers and Other Hardscape & Masonry this Winter!

Snow Comic

Protect pavers with these 4 simple tips! Keep these in mind this winter to help prevent any damage winter may bring  to your pavers, brick, or any other hardscape products . I’ve also included 3 Tips on how to protect your roof and prevent any water damage from ice dams. So let’s get started!

4 Tips to Protect Your Precious Patios, Driveways, and Walkways: 

Safe Ice Melt for PaversTip 1: Use an ice melt that does little damage to infrastructure and environment. We recommend ice melts with a blend of Magnesium Chloride which is a safer alternative to rock salt. Calcium Magnesium Acetate is another smart alternative because it is biodegradable and safe for pets, masonry, and the environment. Mr. Magic® is a great premium ice melt brand that is fast acting and long lasting! It works at temperatures down to -25° Fahrenheit.

Mr. Magic is safe for masonry, decks, roofing, pets, and the environment! Always make sure the ice melt label says it is safe for hardscape and masonry products. If you cannot find any ice melt that is safe for hardscape then you can sprinkle sand or cat litter for traction. If you opt to use regular (non-safe) ice melt then just be aware of the risk and use it sparingly. But I do have to say this – Please do not risk your safety or the safety of others to protect your hardscape! If an area is heavily coated with ice then go ahead and use the necessary amount of ice melt (whatever it may be) to prevent slips and falls.

Rubber Snow PlowTip 2: Metal blades on shovels and plows can scratch the surface of your driveway, walkway, or patio. If you hire a plowing contractor be sure they use a rubber or polyurethane blade on the plow. Be sure to use a nonmetal shovel as well.

Paver freeze thawTip 3: If you are using a snow blower please be careful of pavers that may have moved or lifted during freeze and thaw cycles. Avoid any “lippage” which can occur when a paver, brick, concrete, or even cobble stone edge sticks up from another. This “lip” can catch on snow blowers, plows, and shovels.

Tip 4: On a warmer day you may want to sweep off any excess snow or products on your pavers. This step is not necessary but it never hurts! This can help remove any harmful deicer products and prevent future damage.


3 Great Tips for Removing Snow from Your Roof: 

We have been getting some great questions from customers asking how to remove snow from their roofs. Here are a few simple steps you can take to eliminate snow and ice dams which can otherwise wreak havoc on your roof. As always please proceed with caution when removing snow from your roof, be aware of any icicles that may be hanging, have someone assist you with a ladder, and wear protective clothing and eyewear.

Roof RakeTip 1: Purchase a roof rake to help alleviate some of the stress the snow may be putting on your roof. A roof rake is a solid piece of metal or plastic about 16 to 20 inches wide on the end of an extension pole, which allows you to rake or pull snow off the roof. Please refer to manual for proper handling and safety instructions.

Ice DamsTip 2: Diminish ice dams with panty hose or long socks! It is that easy! All you need to do is fill the leg of a panty hose with ice melt and lay the hose onto the roof so that it crosses the ice dam and slightly hangs over the gutter. Use a long handle stick to position the hose or sock if necessary.

Ice pucksTip 3: Do-It-Yourself Roof Melt Tablets. Roof Melt Tablets are little pucks that you can easily toss onto your roof to help prevent damage from ice dams. The way these tablets work is the salt and water mixture melts and drains down, melting the ice in its path. If this is not done then there is the potential of snow and ice buildup underneath shingles which can then seep into interior walls and attics. A simple way to make your own roof tablets is by following the same steps in Tip 2. This is where your old mismatched socks come in handy! All you need to do if fill up socks with ice melt, tie them, and carefully toss them all over your roof.  Ice melt socks are porous and flexible and they are just as effective at removing ice dams.

TLC Supply carries a wide selection of premium pavers from Techo Bloc as well as from Genest ConcreteBelgard and Cambridge Pavers. Please visit our website to see even more hardscape and masonry products ranging from bluestone,granite,brick,natural stone,block,sand,cement, and much more!

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Best Ice Melt for Pavers & Environment

TLC Ice Melt


Winter is quickly creeping up on us folks. It’s the season where days get colder, snow gets whiter, and sweaters get bigger. Be prepared for the harsh New England weather this year by adding ice melt to your winter checklist!

There are several different products that you can use to melt snow and ice. Some work better than others and some do not work at all and end up causing more of a hassle. TLC Supply offers Mr. Magic® and Blizzard Wizard®, two premium ice melts that will effectively melt away ice and snow all while being gentle on hardscape, vegetation, and pets!

Mr. Magic® is a favorite among many because it works fast! It combines 5 de-icing compounds, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride coated with CMA, making it super effective even in -25°F temperatures. It is safe for the environment as well as pets and the orange color is great for visibility!

Blizzard Wizard® is a premium enhanced salt product that has the ability to melt snow and ice down to -6°F. It also forms an ice shield that provides long-lasting melting power. 

Don’t be left out in the cold this year! Call or visit TLC Supply, Inc. today to get expert advice!