Realstone Veneer Panels!

It may be chilly and snowy outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t complete your home makeover project. Stay inside where it is warm and cozy and opt to transform an interior wall or fireplace with stone veneer panels from Realstone Systems! The best part is that these panels are made to fit snug, making layering a cinch. What else does this mean? It means that this can be an easy do-it-yourself project that can be completed in one weekend! Stone veneer can transform any interior or exterior wall into an eye-catching focal point!


Realstone Systems® is one of the largest top quality stone veneer product lines in the industry. They have stunning new designs available that will add a timeless look to any project! Let’s take a look…

Hive Tiles are one new product from Realstone Systems® that will add a unique look to any room. Hive tiles feature deep relief patterns comprised of repeating hexagons. These tiles are made of engineered marble and travertine stone by recycling waste marble and travertine powder. Choose from four different options, Barn Wood, Chiseled Cream, Etched Cream, and Drift Wood. Each style will come together to create a visually stunning display!



Portugal Collection Panels are another striking addition. These panels bring together the natural beauty of real stone in a model and sleek style. Create a multitude of patterns and styles with these three set patterns that come in four distinctive shades, Terra Limestone, Cinza Marble, Venato Marble, and Areia Limestone.


If you prefer a more natural stone look you can always go for Ledgestone, which is a thin stone veneer that features a rough cut, split face stone with a weathered finish. The varying profile of the stone gives depth and texture while displaying the natural beauty of stone. Realstone® Ledgestone patterns come in many colors and are the most traditional pieces. They are perfect for achieving that rustic and natural look.


How do I install dry stacked stone veneer panels?

Please note that this is a general guideline to installing veneer panels.

Step 1: Calculate the square footage of the area. Veneer comes in corner pieces and flat pieces. Corners are sold by the linear foot and flats are sold by the square foot. To figure out the square footage simply multiply length by height. To calculate the liner footage for corners simply measure the height of all walls and add together. Be sure to subtract the areas filled by doors, windows, and fireplace openings! This will help determine how much material you will need to complete your project.

Step 2: Prepare the surface area by removing the existing material. Make sure that the remaining drywall is sound and level. If not then be sure to take the necessary steps to patch or repair it.

Step 3: Apply a cement underlayment board such as Durock® Cement Board to the surface of the wall. View installation here.

Step 4: Apply scratch coat. We recommend using Ardex X5 which is a flexible tile and stone mortar. Then comb through the mortar using a notch trowel. Doing so will create grooves and a textured surface for the stone to adhere to. Allow the scratch coat to dry overnight.

Step 5: Lay out the stone on a flat surface to create a visual template of how you will place them on the finished wall or fireplace. It is helpful to start with the corner pieces and then fill the inside. Pieces may need to be cut to lay flush against the floorboard, ceiling, or fireplace opening. You may cut the pieces with a wet saw using a carbide or diamond tip blade. Be sure to wear protective eyewear and follow proper safety measures when cutting stone veneer.

Step 6: Using a trowel, apply a  1/4 inch layer of  Ardex X5 to the back of the stone. Place the stone onto the wall and wiggle it gently to ensure even coating and a secure bond. If the mortar seeps out you may use a damp cloth to wipe it away.

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