How to Use Concrete Supplement |The Benefits of Concrete Supplement

ConcretesupplementWhat is Concrete Supplement and what are the advantages?

To sum it up Concrete Supplement™ is like the WD-40 of the concrete/masonry restoration industry.  Concrete Supplement™ is a revolutionary do-it-all admixture that reacts with Portland cement in concrete, mortar, stucco and grout to produce complete hydration. These unique formulations with complete hydration have increased compressive strength, a reduction in shrinkage and faster set times.

Concrete Supplement is made with the finest of raw materials and it meets all requirements in ASTM C494 as a Type C Accelerating Admixture.

Advantages of Concrete Supplement™

  • High early compressive strength
  • Increase strength up to 30%
  • Fast set and finishing times
  • Shrinkage reduction
  • Waterproofing capabilities – Great to plug leaks
  • Workability
  • Controlled acceleration
  • Anti-freeze and all weather protection
  • Reduces cracking
  • Durable and non-dusting surfaces

concretesupplementhydraulicSome Application Examples:

Got a water leak?  Mix Portland cement with undiluted Concrete Supplement™ into a putty-like consistency and place onto the opening for an instantaneous set that will stop water from coming through.

Have a concrete repair but are pressed for time? Simply add Concrete Supplement to your cement to accelerate drying time and overall strength. Within a couple of hours it will harden to a dust free application, making it accessible for pedestrians and vehicles to pass over.concretesupplementconcreterepair

When an issue arises and you need a quick fix you can count on Concrete Supplement to help solve your problem. With a diverse range of uses and capabilities, Concrete Supplement is a must have for professionals to keep in their truck!


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