Straw Wattles

Straw Wattle Roll

Straw Wattles Roll

What are Straw Wattles?

Straw Wattles are tubes of compressed weed-free straw. They are typically encased in jute, nylon, or other biodegradable material. Our straw wattles are 9 inches in diameter and are 25 feet long.

What are Wattles used for?

  • Control storm water runoff
  • Prevent slope erosion by stabilizing slopes by slowing, spreading and filtering overland water flow. Wattles work to reduce the erosive effects of slope length and steepness.
  • Capture inlet sedimentation. When wrapped around storm drain inlets, protects area drains and storm drain inlets from fast water flow and sediment.Straw Wattle Drain
  • Diverting the flow of water to appropriate areas.
  • Prevents soil from washing onto pavement and asphalt at active construction sites.
  • Promote stabilization and re-vegetation of stream banks and shorelines. Straw wattles prevent sediment pollution of streams.

Other Advantages of Straw Wattles: