Paver Pool Deck & Patio Ideas

Patio pavers around a pool are a great way to create your very own private oasis right in your backyard! Make your outdoor swimming pool deck a stunning and inviting resort with patio pavers, slabs, pool coping, flagstone, or natural stone.

What better way is there to enjoy the upcoming warm days than relaxing or entertaining by your new pool with friends and family?

Did you know?  Pavers are the perfect performer for pool decks!  Since concrete pavers are designed with textured tops they make for a safe, comfortable, non-slip walking surface even when wet! In addition, the high density structure of pavers will help minimize penetrating moisture and reduce damage caused by freeze conditions.

Now Dive Right In! Take a Look at These 7 Beautiful Hardscape Poolsides! 

Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Bluestone Pillar Caps
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Inca
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Rotondo
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Portofino / Antika
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Bullnose Pool Coping
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Royale Slab
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Athena Paver

4 Helpful Tips for Your Next Paver Pool Project!

TIP #1: To install a patio around your pool you would follow the same steps as installing a basic patio (click here for paver installation guide). The difference is that you will need to use an expansion joint around the perimeter of the pool that sits between the patio pavers and the pool coping.

There are several reasons why it is necessary to use a strip foam expansion. First, it will assist in freeze thaw cycles and even in hot weather because it will allow for flexibility and movement of the pavers. Secondly, it will help prevent any water from seeping down behind the pool shell and weakening the concrete joints.

To use the foam expansion you would simply place the foam around the perimeter of the pool coping. Then install your patio pavers as you normally would. The foam expansion will help keep out any poly sand you use to fill the paver joints. Next remove the 1/2 “ tear strip on the foam expansion and fill the void with a self-leveling pool caulk.

Tip #2: To keep pool caps from popping off you may want to use a fiber reinforced mortar such as Ardex X 32. We recommend Ardex X 32 because it is designed to handle the most challenging moisture sensitive stone, granite, marble, as well as  tiles, both interior and exterior. Ardex X 32 is durable, easy to use, has great bonding capabilities and controlled setting time, and it will not warp or shrink.

Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Mini Creta Retaining Wall
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Mista
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Techo Bloc Flagstone

Tip #3: You can even dress up the landscape around your pool even more by incorporating decorative plants and flowers.  Add an accent trim to your surrounding garden with patio edging pavers or granite cobblestones. You can build raised planters with pavers or even with retaining walls.

Retaining walls and stone walls surrounding the pool area also serve as privacy walls. Incorporate stone pillars and fences to keep the area gated and safe while adding a touch of elegance.

Adding a cabana or pergola gives you and your family added protection from the sun and serves as an additional area for entertaining guests day or night.

Tip #4: If you want to take it to the next level you can incorporate other outdoor elements.

Feed your hungry guests from a new outdoor pizza oven (pre-cut and ready-to-assemble) and stay outside longer with fireplace and fire pit kits for those chilly nights. Pre-assembled fire pit kits are can be installed quickly and fit into any budget!

Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Belgard Fire Pits
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Belgard Outdoor Kitchen
Paver Patio Pool Deck Pavers
Outdoor Bar

Let us know which poolside design was your favorite in the comments below!

TLC Supply carries a wide selection of premium pavers from Techo Bloc as well as from Genest ConcreteBelgard and Cambridge Pavers. Please visit our website to see even more hardscape and masonry products ranging from bluestone,granite,brick,natural stone,block,sand,cement, and much more!

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Ardex|Polymer Modified Thin Set Mortar

ARDEX is recognized around the world as the innovation and performance leader for tile and stone installation.They are leading the advancement of mortar and grout technologies with their revolutionary MicroTec® formulation.

ARDEX delivers proven solutions to the most complex installation problems for concrete repair and resurfacing, substrate preparation, flooring installation or for setting natural stone.

Keep reading to learn how Ardex can make traditional and difficult installations easier and much more efficient for professionals and homeowners!

Ardex Application Tile Grout

Ardex offers many great products but for now we are just going to focus on two phenomenal mortar blends that are major game changers!

Ardex X5 Polymer Modified Thin Set Mortar

Ardex X5 Mortar

Ardex X5 is so easy and efficient to use that you will save time and money on every stone veneer, thin brick, and tile job.

Are you tired of mixing your own mortar and the complications that come along with it? Like having to mix too many components, not having enough pot life, or crumbling and making too much of a mess? Are you frustrated when you aren’t able to move stone once its set? Do you want to speed up installation time and save money? Well, Ardex X5 will help solve all your problems.

Ardex X5 is a unique flexible stone mortar that is taking tile and stone installation to the next level. This highly versatile, polymer modified mortar has an easy to apply creamy consistency that is perfect for setting all sizes of porcelain, ceramic, quarry, mosaic and most natural stone tile on both exterior and interior surfaces. You can create the natural concrete look without the heaviness of a thick mortar bed and best of all, anyone can use ARDEX X5 with great success!

Ardex X5 Key Features:

– Flexible                                                                    – Single component

                              – Sag resistant                                                         – Water and frost resistant

                             –  Easy to mix and apply                                       – 3 hour pot life

                             – 10 Year Warranty                                                – Up to 140 Sq Ft of coverage per                                                                                                                            bag.

– 15-20 mins of working time to adjust stone after installation

Did you know? Unlike traditional mortars, Ardex X5 can be used in cold temperature! If you are working on an outside job and the temperature drops, you can leave your work and return to it the next day. Ardex X5 will go into “hibernation mode” when the weather drops below a certain temperature and will not be disrupted. Rain will not affect Ardex X5 either! Simply wipe off any excess Ardex and return to the job when it is no longer raining.

To Apply: Cover the substrate with Ardex X5 using a ¼” notch trowel. If you have irregular shaped stone that needs adjusting then you can apply ¼” of Ardex to the back of the stone and then apply to the wall. You may opt to apply a scratch coat or netting to the wall prior to application but it is not necessary. Ardex X5 will stick to wood, duro wall, and anything else.

Ardex X32 MICROTEC® Fiber Reinforced Rapid Setting Thin-to-Thick Bed Mortar

Ardex X32 Mortar

Ardex X32 is very similar to Ardex X5 but it is made for horizontal application and it works best for moisture sensitive stone. A major issue that many professionals and homeowners are seeing is that their stone tread (whether it be bluestone, granite, etc.) or pool coping is popping off. This is because it is being glued down by either an adhesive or cement mortar. When water seeps in between (and freezes during colder months) the adhesion breaks down and causes the stone to separate.

Ardex X32’s self-drying MICROTEC® formulation is designed to handle the most challenging moisture sensitive natural stone, marble and granite installations, as well as set all other types of tile in exterior or interior applications. It is also ideal for all types of natural stone including ungauged and agglomerate stone.​

Ardex X32 Key Features:

– Single component                                                  – Easy to mix and apply

                         – Flexible                                                                       – Sag resistant

                         – Fiber glass reinforced                                           – Waterproof

                         – Non shrink                                                                 – Fast setting (walk on after 3 hrs)

                         – Great for leveling uneven stone                       –  1 hour pot life                                                                   thickness.

                         – No more treads and caps popping off!         – 20-30 minutes to adjust stone                                                                                                                             after installation.

 You can use Ardex X32 as a thin, medium, or thick bed mortar for installations up to one inch thick over exterior and interior concrete, masonry surfaces, and plywood. Ardex X32 will not stain, warp, or discolor moisture sensitive stone.

Ardex Logo

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