Ice Melt Safe For Pavers & Stone|Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt

Mr.Magic Premium Ice Melt

Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt

 Our #1 Recommendation for Protecting your Hardscape and Masonry During the Winter Season.

Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt, Mr. Magic

Your hardscape project is a big investment so it is important to protect it all year round. Failure to do so during the winter season can result in some serious problems. For example,

  • Water can freeze leaving an ice cover on the patio for anyone to slip and fall on.
  •  Freeze and thaw cycles can crack pavers and stone. As the ice and snow melts it becomes salt water that seeps down through tiny crevices in the stones surface and freezes. When the water freezes it expands and forces the crevice to become larger leading to cracks and spalling.
  • Using the wrong blend of ice melt can contain harmful chemical compounds that can deteriorate stone and concrete surfaces.

Our #1 recommendation to preserve the beauty of your pavers and other hardscape/masonry projects is Mr.Magic Premium Ice Melt.

Mr. Magic outperforms other ice melts because it works fast and has a great residual effect, preventing further ice from forming and melting snow as it falls.

Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt, Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic Premium Ice Melt

Mr. Magic is safe enough for the environment, concrete, brick, natural stone, decking, and pets, but it is effective enough to keep working at temperatures down to -25° Fahrenheit, when other ice melts stop.

How is that so?  Mr. Magic’s  unique formulation consists of a special blend of five biodegradable ingredients; potassium chloride (a fertilizer), calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and sodium chloride. And it is coated with calcium magnesium acetate. This makes it safer and more effective than conventional rock salts.

The orange coloring of Mr. Magic is an added safety bonus because it allows you to see exactly where its been placed so you don’t over or under apply! And it won’t track into your home.

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