Permeable Paver Benefits

Permeable pavers are an excellent way to preserve and protect the environment all while giving your home some attractive curb appeal!

The unique design of permeable pavers allows for the proper percolation of surface water into the ground by allowing water to naturally drain into the surface through the voids in the pavers. This promotes the infiltration of rainwater and also helps to recharge the groundwater.

Techo Bloc Permeable Paver Mista


Genest Permeable Paver Tidewater


Go Green! Permeable pavers are a great way to protect the environment because they help to reduce the amount of storm water runoff entering natural waterways which can otherwise carry contaminants and pollutants into the waterway. These pavers reduce the risk and severity of flooding, thus protecting streams and riverbeds from erosion.

Permeable pavers also eliminate puddles, speed up the melting process of snow, reduce winter ice hazards and provide cost savings on de-icing salt and snow removal.

Genest Permeable Paver Grand Baxter


In addition they are extremely durable and perfect for walkways, driveways, and even high traffic areas. You can also qualify for LEED Green Building Rating System credits!

Find out more about Interlocking Permeable Pavers here!




~ Create beauty in your home while preserving the beauty of our environment ~

Techo Bloc Permeable Pavers in Antika
Techo Bloc Permeable Paver Pure
Techo Bloc Permeable Paver Victorian

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